World Kindness Day 2020 – 4 ideas for spreading cheer

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Today is World Kindness Day! Now more than ever it’s important to support one another, and the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, research shows that helping others can even be beneficial to our own mental health, reducing stress, improving our emotional wellbeing and boosting our physical health.

Though you might be stuck at home and unable to see others in person, there’s still loads you can do to spread some cheer!

Be kind to your family

zoom call baby

One of the easiest ways to be kind in lockdown is to simply make a phone or video call to a family member you haven’t seen in a while. This could mean showing off your baby’s latest milestone to your parents or grandparents, or it might be making sure you – or your older children – tell the person you’re calling why you are thankful that they’re a part of your life.

In your own home, especially if you have older children, make a special effort to discuss the importance of kindness and lead by example. Make a cuppa for your partner or offer to do a chore they normally do. Even little children will learn how easy it is to brighten up someone’s day through kindness.

Be kind to your neighbours

toddler drawing

Remember all the colourful drawings of rainbows that boosted our spirits during the first lockdown? If you have a toddler, why not get them to do a cheerful colouring and either display it in your window for everyone to enjoy, or post it to a neighbour who is living alone, along with a handwritten note with a few kind words or an offer of help with shopping.

They say laughter is the best medicine and a great belly guffaw is undoubtedly good for the soul. Find a silly joke and send it to your friends or post on social media. On community Facebook pages, replace rants about parking with something that will make your neighbours chuckle.

Be kind to the planet

Autumn trees family

Think of all the things you could do to be kind to Mother Earth today! This might just involve remembering to switch lights off, making sure you don’t waste food or switching to sustainable baby care. Take a walk in the fresh air with your children and point out how the colours are changing at this time of the year and how trees are great at helping us fight climate change.

Be kind to yourself

mum and baby relaxing

Pura believes it’s important for parents to be kind to themselves! If you’ve had a sleepless night with your baby, why not take things easy today? The housework can wait until tomorrow. Why not take a walk with the pram in the autumn sunshine or stay in your pyjamas all day, light a scented candle or do some relaxing baby massage? Parenthood can be fraught with guilt, so take some time to think about everything you do for your children – you could even write a list. When you stop and think about it, you’ll soon realise what an awesome job you do!

Happy World Kindness Day – we hope this post has made you smile.

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