Yippee – we’re 3. See how we’ve grown!

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We can’t quite believe it’s been 3 years since Pura was born in lockdown 2020. 


From a small business created in the Cheshire family home of Guy and Abi Fennell, to a B Corporation providing baby care that’s good for babies and good for planet to parents internationally – it’s been quite a journey! 


Let’s take a look at the major milestones in Pura’s story so far.   



Shortly after the birth of our founders’ son Ezra, Pura was born. Our mission was to educate parents that 90% of wipes in the UK contained hidden plastic and to provide an affordable alternative that was good for babies’ skin.  


We launched our award-winning plastic-free, Allergy UK certified baby wipes on mypura.com and Amazon.  


Our free next-day delivery service was a lifeline for parents stuck at home in lockdown due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.  


Our distinctive Angry Babies campaign won the heart of many parents and we hit the headlines for being the first baby care company to use babies with Down Syndrome in advertising.   


Later that year, in October, our award-winning nappies launched, bringing more affordable, high quality, eco-awesome change time essentials to busy parents.  



In early 2021, Pura’s 100% plastic-free wipes and our high performance, low eco impact nappies got Mumsnet approval!   

Around the same time, we were thrilled to receive an average 5-star Trustpilot rating for our excellent levels of customer service. We’re the only baby care company with this rating and we’re so glad that you love what we do! 

In October 2021 our Angry Babies advert became a Sky Footprint Fund winner giving us £250,000 to spend on further spreading the word about plastic in wipes.  


 As we approached our 1st birthday, we also calculated our carbon footprint, reduced and offset it, to play our part in the fight against global warming. This gained us Carbon Neutral status.  



In early 2022, we received £4.25m investment from Maven Capital partners to help fund our rapid growth.  

March saw the long awaited launch of our Eco Nappy Pants, which you'd been requesting since Pura was founded. In April, we celebrated our first in-store launch with supermarket giant Asda.  

Pura NappiCycle’s first nappy recycling trial in England commenced in July 2022. Parents in Bristol, who signed up for the trial, were given access to free kerbside collections of their used nappies, which were then sent to the NappiCycle plant in Wales for recycling.  

Nappy material recycled by Pura NappiCycle were used to resurface a road in Wales – a story that got international attention!  



By 2023, both our wipes and nappies won several parent-tested awards including Get The Gloss, Project Baby, Loved by parents, Made for Mums and Mother and Baby.   

In February, we again made headlines as we joined forces with Asda to help to tackle the issue of plastic waste, by producing the UK’s first in-store signage using recycled nappies. 

The signs were used on shelving selling Pura products in 320 stores, replacing plastic shelving. 

Pura products are now available in most major UK retailers such as Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Spar, Boots, Superdrug, WH Smiths and Costco.  

Our founders, own family expanded this year as they gave birth to their second son Enzo.  

Now - June 2023

Pura launched in the US this month in Walmart – one of the world biggest retailers.  

We are super excited to welcome US parents to the Pura family!  

As we grow, we’re even more committed to our original mission – to give all parents access to baby care that is affordable, safe and more sustainable. Good for babies, planet and piggy bank.  

Stay tuned for more launches and news. And a very big thanks to all our loyal Pura parents – we look forward to serving you over the next three years and beyond. 



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