Yippee... we've launched Eco Nappy Pants!

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In response to frequent requests from you - our fabulous customers - we've launched a nappy pant version of our popular nappies!

Initially available in sizes 5-6, with size 7 to follow in the autumn, Pura's Eco Nappy Pants are designed to make nappy changing easier for parents with active tots and/or for those ready to potty train.

Striking the best possible balance between a happy baby and a happy planet, Pura’s Eco Nappy Pants are easy to pull up and down, and boast all the skin benefits and eco credentials of our regular nappies:

pura nappy pant

Happy baby: Pura’s easy-on pants have tear-off sides and are enhanced with soft organic cotton for bottom comfort. Channel technology draws moisture away from babies’ skin, so air circulates for maximum breathability and comfort. The nappy pants contain 0% chlorine, perfumes and allergens and a super absorbent plant-fibre core keeps little wriggler’s skin dry and nappy pants leak free for up to 12 hours.  

Happy planet: The plant-based super absorbent core is made with FSC certified natural plant fibres, and the nappy pants are made with 100% green electricity, and no production waste to landfill.

Happy piggy bank: From 26p per pant, Pura nappy pants are designed to be affordable, so cost less than many eco brands and are competitively priced to match non-eco branded alternatives. Subscribers get 20% off each order and free, next-day delivery, seven days a week! 

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Guy Fennell, Pura founder and CEO said: “As the father of Ezra, an energetic 2-year-old, I know that nappy changes can become a struggle when your little explorer starts to move!

“Many of you - our customers - have asked for a nappy pant version of our popular nappy line so we’re delighted to be able to extend our eco-awesome range and give parents exactly what they’ve been asking for.”

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