4 Tips For Preventing Nappy Leaks

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Find out the main causes of nappy leakage - and learn how you can keep your baby drier for longer with these helpful tips.   

Nappy leaks

#1 Size matters

When it comes to nappies, size really does matter! One of the most common causes of nappy leakage is using the wrong size. As well as checking the weight chart on your nappy pack, test whether your little one has the right fit by running your fingers under the waistband and around the edges of the nappy to check it’s snug but comfortable. If you notice any red marks on your baby’s thighs or tummy caused by the nappy rubbing, or if the nappy is constantly leaking, it could be time to move on to a bigger size. 

#2 Change time

changing a nappy

Another big cause of nappy seepage is leaving it on for too long. It’s easy to do! Babies don’t always cry to alert you to a wet nappy – and it’s more difficult to spot whether it’s time for a change on smaller babies who aren’t moving much. To help, Pura’s newborn nappies (sizes 1 to 2) contain a wetness indicator – a line that turns from yellow to blue when your baby needs a new nappy. 

#3 Leg it

If the nappy has gaps around the legs, it won’t perform properly. Pura’s nappies have specially designed leg cuffs that act as barriers to leakage. Double check that the frills around the legs are pulled out so they can do their job!

#4 The right brand


Not all nappies are made equal! Some nappies are less absorbent than others and more likely to cause drips, so look out for a brand that will keep your baby’s bottom happy. From size 3-6, Pura nappies offer up to 12 hours of protection, with patent-pending leak-free technology to keep your baby dry! They have an awesome super absorbent core, made from sustainable plant fibres, that can absorb up to 30 times its own weight when wet. Special channel technology draws moisture away from babies’ skin – allowing air to circulate for breathability and comfort. Our nappies also feature an organic cotton outer layer which will feel super soft against babies’ skin.  

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