5 signs your baby is ready to make the change to nappy pants

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Pura eco nappy pants

While some babies stay in taped nappies until they switch to underwear, many parents choose to put more active or older babies in nappy pants. 

Unlike regular nappies, which you secure with tapes at the side, nappy pants have a stretchy, all-round 360 waistband so they can be pulled up and down like underwear, with the added advantage of tear-off sides for quick and simple changes. Nappy pants also have a snug fit, so some parents feel they are more secure and less likely to leak than taped nappies - keeping your little one comfy and dry.

Your baby may be showing signs that they are ready to change to nappy pants already. Do you recognise any of these behaviours? 

1. They won’t take change times lying down! 

You’ve been changing their nappy since birth – and had got to the point where you could do it with your eyes shut. Now, all of a sudden, you find yourself needing octopus arms as you wrestle a rocking, rolling and wriggling tot who can easily run or crawl away from you. All this effort, just to change a nappy? Nappy pants make it easier to do stand-up nappy changes and can be quickly pulled up and torn off.  

Toddler wearing Pura eco nappy pants

2. They ask to be changed 

Your tot is are starting to be aware that they have done a wee or a poo. They may be almost ready for potty training and nappy pants can help them practice the skills the need to pull up and down their own underwear.   

3. They can pull up their clothes themselves  

This means they’ll probably have the skills to pull up (and down) nappy pants too. Nappy pants could be the first step towards big kid underwear.  

Toddlers wearing Pura nappy pants

4. They prefer to “do it all by themself” or show frustration when you offer help. 

They want to wear the pants! Some toddlers want to be fiercely independent and pulling up and down their own nappy pants will make them feel proud, like a big kid, alleviating some of that frustration. 

5. They are potty training  

Nappy pants are a great potty training aid. Even if your baby is in underwear in the daytime, it can take them a lot longer to master keeping dry during the night. Rather than put a nappy on in the evening (which may feel like a step backwards) nappy pants look and feel more like underwear so will ensure they still feel confident that they’re making progress with potty training and big enough to be out of ‘baby’ nappies.

Potty training with Pura nappy pants

Why choose Pura nappy pants?

Like our regular nappies, our new and improved nappy pants are designed to put babies’ skin first, while being better for the planet. Even softer, they’re enhanced with organic cotton, they offer up to 12 hours protection from leaks and feature a plant-based waterproof layer with micropores to let skin breathe.  

With only plant-based materials against your tot’s bottom, our super soft, Allergy UK certified nappies and nappy pants are great for sensitive and eczema-prone skin, are totally chlorine free and made without fragrance, lotion, parabens,natural rubber latex and phthalates. 

Pura’s Nappy Pants are manufactured in a carbon neutral plant, powered by green electricity. Where possible, we’ve replaced non-sustainable materials with lower impact materials such as wood pulp from sustainably managed forests in the absorbent core of our nappies and nappy pants. Our new packaging is made from paper, so it's easier to recycle!  

So as your little one makes the change to nappy pants, you can be sure you’re doing the best for their skin and their planet.  

Little girl with pack of Pura nappy pants
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