Top 5 benefits of Baby Yoga

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Baby Yoga is a fun and gentle class with so many benefits for you and your little one. Often a lovely follow on from baby massage, it is always a popular choice for parents. Here are a few reasons why you’re bound to love it! 

  1. Grow body awareness and development

Babies are naturally great at yoga as they are so flexible. It is a fantastic way to teach them about their body as you name body parts and explore their physical self together. The gentle stretches and moves used in Baby Yoga are a great way to develop gross and fine motor skills through the manipulation of babies' bodies.  Baby Yoga provides a great mix of flexibility and strengthening movements for both baby and parent in a safe and gentle environment. It also includes the opportunity for tummy time helping baby build core strength and develop their neck muscles.

  1. Ease tummy troubles

Having little tummies and immature digestives systems, babies often suffer from a range of tummy troubles such as constipation, trapped wind, colic as well as aiding digestion. Thankfully, Baby Yoga is here to save the day. The range of moves, stretches, and activities works with their tiny bodies to help ease any discomfort. It is a great tool for your parenting kit bag!

  1. Safe place to meet other parents

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Having a baby can be an overwhelming new experience and the support from a community of parents is often the crucial missing piece. The small group sizes and relaxed class environment allows you to meet other like-minded parents. It also provides a space to chat about common challenges in parenting helping you to realise you are not alone and your baby is normal.

  1. Techniques to help soothe and calm

The rhythmic nature of Baby Yoga is a wonderful experience for both parent and baby.  It helps to calm anxious parents and soothe fractious babies. The moves can be used in a repetitive manner to provide a soothing predictable experience for everyone. This often leaves a baby relaxed and ready for a good nap. The gentle breathing exercises for parents are a great grounding experience to help you get through your day more peacefully.

  1. Bond through music and fun

Best of all Baby Yoga is fun! It incorporates lots of songs, rhymes and activities which you can learn and use at home. It’s a fantastic way to bond with your baby!  It is an intentional time of your day where you can play with your baby, enjoy lots of eye contact, get to know your baby even better and share lots of smiles, giggles and fun. Enjoy!

Sarah with children

Today's blog is written by Sarah Ballard, an experienced doula who has been running a variety of baby classes and parenting workshops for many years, including the ever popular baby yoga. Based in Gloucestershire, Sarah is a mum of two children and runs her business Nurturing Beginnings alongside her husband-to be Jared. 

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