We’re handing out hand sanitiser!

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To celebrate this week’s launch of Pura’s Hand Cleansing Gel, we’ve pledged to donate 2 million bottles of our germ-busting anti-bacterial gel to those who truly need a helping hand.

In support of National Hygiene Week we’ve already gifted hand sanitiser, and boxes of Pura baby wipes, to 20 Hygiene Bank centres across the UK.

These items will help the millions of parents who are living in poverty and struggling to buy enough wipes, nappies and other hygiene products, to keep their families clean.  Find out how you can help here.

Going the extra mile, we’ve now committed to donate a further 2 million hand gel bottles to NHS hospitals, nursing homes and nurseries in the UK – doing our bit to keep the nation clean and green.

Pura’s hand cleansing gel

Pura Hand Cleansing Gel

We love our new hand sanitiser for many reasons. While some hand gels give off a potent whiff, the pleasant lemongrass fragrance in Pura’s products means germs are the only thing that will be repelled! The formula is vegan, cruelty-free and planet friendly too. Both the bottle and cap are 100% recyclable.

How should I use it?

Hand washing should always be your first line of defence against Covid-19, and other viruses, but getting to a tap is not always possible when you’re on the go.  Pura’s Hand Cleansing Gel can safeguard you and your family when you’re out and about, at work, school and nursery.

Simply rub a generous blob of gel into your hands until it’s fully evaporated. Remember, germs love the backs of hands (and in between your fingers too) so spread the gel over the entire hand area and rub until dry.

Is hand sanitiser safe for babies?

Mum and Baby Holding Hands

Yes! You just need to use it with care. In an article for Which Dr Primrose Freestone, associate professor in clinical microbiology at the University of Leicester, explains that 60-95% alcohol content is the level needed for hand gel to work to inactivate viruses including Covid-19 (Pura’s contains 70% alcohol and kills 99.9% of bacteria).

Because the alcohol amount is so concentrated, you don’t want your baby to lick or swallow the gel. To keep safe, simply apply a pea-sized amount to tiny hands and ensure that they are completely dry after application. Needless to say, it’s really important to make sure that the bottle if stored safely out of reach of preschool children.

Need some bottle?

We’d love to help! If you’re a nursery or nursing home in need of Pura’s Hand Cleansing Gel contact karl@mypura.com here at Pura HQ to discuss whether you can benefit from our donations.

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