Nappy Rash – All You Need To Know

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Your baby’s bum might look like a smooth peach, and it can be just as delicate. So it’s no surprise that up to a third of babies and toddlers wearing nappies develop nappy rash.

Symptoms can vary from a red and sore bottom to raised skin and angry ulcers, and the bottom line here is that prevention is better than cure.

Don’t panic if your little one does develop nappy rash; quick action can usually resolve it. The tips below will help prevent and remedy nappy rash.

Air time

As often as you can, let your baby have a kick about au naturel. Lying on a change mat or towel without a nappy will not only feel nice for your baby, it will give the skin time to breathe.

All change

Babies don’t always cry due to a wet nappy so it’s up to you keep an eye on whether they are comfy and dry. A heavy, swollen nappy is a sure sign that it’s time for a change. Every baby is different, but eight to 10 daily changes aren’t uncommon, especially in the early days.

Block it out

Applying a thin layer of gently formulated barrier cream at change time can keep your baby’s bum healthy.

Keep it clean

Make sure you clean and dry baby’s bottom area properly at each change, even if they haven’t had a poop.

Soft soap

Though bath time bubbles are fun, bathing products and soap may cause skin irritation. Look for products that are formulated without perfume or additives.

Size matters

Tight or small nappies will stop the air circulating around baby’s bottom, so make sure you’ve got the right size and don’t fasten the nappy too tightly.

Pura’s eco nappies, coming soon, are made with soft organic cotton and no nasty chemicals, perfumes or allergens. They are also approved by midwives and Allergy UK and dermatologically and clinically tested.

Clean sheet

Using only skin-kind baby wipes, such as those in Pura’s range can keep baby’s bum in tip top condition. Some baby wipes are formulated with alcohol (such as ethanol and isopropanol), soap and parabens, which can cause skin allergies, nappy rash and discomfort.

Pura’s 100% plastic-free wipes are as bottom-friendly as they are planet-friendly. With 99% water and organic aloe vera, the wipes are approved by midwives and paediatricians and are clinically proven to be suitable for the most sensitive of skins. They have been accredited by the British Skin Foundation and Allergy UK, so you can be sure you’re doing the best for your baby.


If none of these steps work, or the rash looks particularly sore or your baby has a fever and appears unwell, contact your GP or midwife for advice.


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