It's timefor a change!

Plastic-free, allergy-free and completely biodegradable wipes. Forget the babies, it’s the adults who need a change.

90% of wipesare plastic?!

Switch to Pura 100% plastic-free, biodegradable, flushable wipes and keep their bottoms and their oceans clean.

From changing bottomsto changing the world.

We’re a small family on a mission – to help other families make better choices for themselves and their world.


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Pura is the most accredited babycare brand on the market #Proud

  • British skin foundation
  • Suitable for eczema
  • Allergy uk
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in britain
  • Soil association
  • Vegan
  • Pefc


These wipes are a perfection!

Pure wipes are perfect in every way-from super fast and easy ordering and delivery to convenient packaging and all natural ingredients with no chemicals added, amazing effectiveness and results and a total peace of mind that these wipes will not cause any irritation. Absolutely superb, 10 out of 10, no other wipes can even come close in comparison.


No leaks!

We have been using the wipes since our son was tiny and although wrestling them out the pack is challenging and we often sadly waste a few we otherwise cannot fault them. We also currently use another biodegradable nappy but have recently been experiencing nightly leaks which has been really frustrating. We ordered a sample of the pura nappies in 2 sizes and we’re on our second night of no leaks!

Charlotte Hall

Wiping up the competition!

Wet toilet wipes which are bigger in size and thickness compared to the likes of Andrex. Very moist and seem to be easier to get out the pack without pulling out a load in one go. Add to all that and they are cheaper in bulk. MyPura website is cheaper than amazon as well with free next day delivery. All this leaves one clear winner.


Leakproof and lovely!

Excellent nappies, fit so well and are leakproof for even the most forceful loads. Love Pura as a brand, lovely book included in our most recent delivery which baby loved! Service is fast and efficient and simple to use. We’ve tried out other brands that were gifted to us but none of them are a patch on pura

Helen Bowling

The babies are demanding a change, on TV!

It’s time to listen to your youngers. In our new TV advert, babies everywhere have found out that 90% of wipes contain plastic and don’t biodegrade for 100 years. The babies aren’t happy and now they’re working together to let the world know that it’s adults who need a change!

Dishing the dirt

Most baby wipes are not as squeaky clean as they first appear. Pura asked parents what percentage of plastic was in their innocent-looking baby wipes. 48%? 60%? Haven’t got the foggiest? Most mums and dads were stunned to learn that 90% of wipes in the UK contain plastic. Good job Pura’s wiping the slate clean…

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Born to take on the big guys!

Pura didn’t start in a board room. It was born in a house in Cheshire. It was born to challenge big companies and make eco affordable for all. And wow, is it growing up fast!

Guy, Abi & Ezra's Story